Some Are Born

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A young man, Brian Walters, heads off to college for the first time. He struggles to fit in and make friends until he meets a couple in their late-twenties, Marty and Carol. It soon becomes evident that the two have an ulterior motive. The couple introduces Brian to the intoxicating world of sex, drugs, and out of control parties. Before Brian can blink an eye, he goes from casually enjoying recreational drugs, to acting as the front for Marty and Carol’s drug selling operation. From the trophy girlfriend and the surrounding entourage, to rivals who want nothing more than to take him down, Brian is completely enthralled by this new, dark world. After reevaluating his situation, Brian decides he no longer needs the support of Marty and Carol, forcing an already disturbed Marty to take drastic measures.

Positions: Producer, Unit Production Manager, 2nd Assistant Director, Locations Manager, Post Production Supervisor

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